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LSU CDE Video Conferencing

Some of our courses are available to attend via video conference. Our video conferences are live streamed - registration is limited to those that live 120 miles or more from the course location. You will need a reliable internet connection and the availability to virtually "attend" during the course time. Please read the Video Conference FAQs below before calling our office to register.

How LSU CDE Video Conferencing Works

Our video conference courses include:

  • live streamed presentation exactly as if you were in the room
  • interactive Q&A
  • a CE staff member assigned to monitor the video conference and to be available to video conference attendees.

If you take a course via video conference, your continuing education hours will count as in person credit hours. In order to receive a Verification of Participation letter for continuing education credit, each video conference registrant must complete a short test and a brief evaluation questionnaire. The links to the test and the evaluation questionnaire will be sent prior to the course.

CALL (504) 941-8193.


Q: Who is eligible to attend a course via Video Conference?
A: You must live more than 120 miles from the course location.

Q: How do I register to attend a course via video conference?
A: Video conferencing registrations can ONLY be processed by phone. Please call our office at (504) 941.8193.

Q: What should I do in advance of the course?
A: Prior to the course you should download and/or print any course materials. LSU Continuing Dental Education uses Blue Jeans to stream our video conferences. BEFORE THE DAY OF THE COURSE, you should test your ability to successfully connect. If you are using the Blue Jeans app rather than connecting via your web browser, please check that your app is updated prior to the day of the course.

Q: What can I expect on the day of the course?
A: You will "sign in" by entering the virtual meeting space via the link provided in your registration acknowledgement letter. We recommend that you sing-in with enough time to troubleshoot any technical problems before the course starts. You MUST sign-in INDIVIDUALLY, using your FIRST and LAST NAMES. Anyone in the virtual meeting room not signed in individually, using their first and last names will be removed from the space and asked to re-enter. You must also respond to two random check-ins (in addition to regularly scheduled roll calls) and complete a short test as well as a course evaluation in order to receive your Verification of Participation Letter (VOP). Your VOP could be withheld if you fail to respond to roll call and random check-ins and/or if you fail to submit the test.


The chat functionality in the Blue Jeans virtual meeting space is to be used to ask questions to the presenter (a LSUCDE staff member will ask the presenter on your behalf) and for roll call/check-ins ONLY.

If you are having technical difficulties call our office (504) 941-8193 - DO NOT USE THE CHAT WINDOW.

Q: What can I expect after the course?
A: You will need to complete your test and evaluation. Once our office has processed the documents you will receive your VOP. VOPs will be sent within two weeks of completing the course. If you do not receive your VOP after two weeks, please call our office. If it has been LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, please DO NOT call our office inquiring about the status.

Q: Do the CE hours earned via video conference count as in person or online CE hours?
A: The Louisiana State Board of Dentistry counts CE hours earned with LSUCDE's video conferencing system as in person hours. Our courses are live whether you attend in person or via video conference. We diligently check on our virtual attendees throughout the day and require a test to be completed. It is the responsibility of each participant to confirm with his/her state board as to their need requirements.


If you are having trouble with sound using your computer audio:
Try signing out and singing back in using your phone connection for audio.

If you are having trouble connecting through your app:
Check that your app is updated. If it is and you are still having difficulty, try connecting through an internet web browser.

If you are having trouble connecting through your internet.browser:
Check your internet connection is working (try accessing another website).

If your internet connection works but you still cannot access the meeting:

  • (Google Chrome) Sign out and sign back in.
  • (Other Internet Browsers) Sign out and sign back in via your downloaded plug-in.
    If this does not work, delete your plug-in and re-download.